Chinese American Neurological Association
Chinese American                     Neurological Association

An organization for Neurologists of Chinese origin in North America

CANA is a non-for-profit organization for Neurologists of Chinese origin in North America. The mission of CANA is to further education, clinical research, information exchange and patient care in Neuroscience and related field by organizing forums, seminars, symposia and other education activities; by encouraging information exchange in the practice and research of neuroscince and finally by advocating and supporting issues that may be beneficial to the members. In addition, it would provide a platform for the members to share and exchange ideas along with employeement opportunities. It is also the organization facilitating and mediating cultural exchange with our colleagues in China and other countries in the world. CANA welcomes any one who has the interest of joining the organization as an associate member if the individual is not a practicing neurologist.  

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